5 Habits Which Are Causing Your Bad Breath

25 October 2019 12:47

Not many people would say visiting the dentist is their favourite thing, but it’s still important to attend dental check-ups anyway. Recent statistics show that 1 in 4 Brits actually cancel their dental appointments!

Holford Partners Curaden is a London-based dental practice whose reputation for high standards and personal attention to detail has seen them voted by The Parliamentary Review 2019 as the Best Practice and Dentistry Sector Leader. Here, they reveal 5 habits which are causing your bad breath.

  1. The lack of a good oral hygiene routine – you may think brushing is enough, but lack of flossing and a thorough cleaning routine can lead to bad breath.
  2. Dry mouth – the purpose of saliva is to neutralise bacteria in the mouth. If saliva isn’t actively washing away bad cells in the mouth – which can happen with dry mouth – then this will lead to bad breath.
  3. Braces which aren’t being cleaned – with orthodontic work, it’s crucial you clean behind the wire and ensure you’re swilling out your mouth efficiently. Build up of bacteria behind the braces can cause bad breath.
  4. Ignoring signs of bigger problems – bad breath could be a symptom of gum disease or gingivitis. If you have bad breath without understanding why, don’t ignore it, as it could be a sign of these serious issues.
  5. Smoking and drinking – it’s no surprise that bad habits like this which cause tooth damage and decay over time will also contribute to bad breath. The more you smoke and drink, the worse it will smell!