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5 dental mistakes you’re making revealed

6 August 2019 09:54

Even with the best intentions, most of us are unintentionally damaging our teeth in subtle ways, on a day to day basis.

Holford Partners Curaden is a London-based dental practice whose reputation for high standards and personal attention to detail has seen them voted by The Parliamentary Review 2019 as the Best Practice and Dentistry Sector Leader. Here, they reveal 5 dental mistakes you could be making, revealed.


  1. Vigorous brushing – instead of rubbing harshly at your teeth, aim to slowly cover all surfaces. In this way, you will avoid damaging your enamel.
  1. Deep flossing – flossing that is too deep or rough can cause damage to your gums.
  1. Mouthwash after brushing – using mouthwash directly after brushing your teeth is essentially useless. Use it throughout the day, instead, when you want to refresh your breath.
  1. Brushing after sugar – brushing your teeth directly after eating something sugary will only rub the sugar into your teeth. Try rinsing with water then wait 20-30 minutes before brushing.
  1. Home-scaling – those home kits you can get for scaling your teeth aren’t a good idea… Without the right skills/training (or proper visibility) there’s a strong chance you’ll do more harm than good.



Holford Partners Curaden is the longest established dental practice in London, and one of the most celebrated.

Holford Curaden Dental Clinic Waiting Area

Founded in the 1860’s and continued by three generations of Holfords, their reputation for high standards and personal attention to detail has earned them recognition as the Best Dental Practice in the UK by The Parliamentary Review 2019 – an award signed off by the Prime Minister herself.

Holford Partners Curaden’s full range of innovative dentistry and dental care services include: Preventative Care, Dental HygieneGeneral DentistryOral SurgeryPeriodonticsEndodonticsDental Prosthetics and Orthodontics – a full service dental spot that caters to everyone’s needs.