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5 Products Dental Professionals Swear By

21 August 2020 13:08

Flick on any TV channel and you’ll often see a dental product ad touting ‘9/10 dentists recommend us!’, but is that true?

What are actual dentists in London including in their oral hygiene routines?

Here we share some insider tips from those in the know – their real-life recommendations for great dental products.

Here we share 5 products dental professionals swear by:

Electric toothbrushes – manual toothbrushes do a perfectly adequate job, but an electric toothbrush simply takes brushing to a new level. Not only are electric toothbrushes more effortless to use, but they’ve been proven to be more effective at removing plaque, decreasing gingivitis, and pose less risk to your gums and enamel.

Toothpaste with a specific amount of fluoride – look out for a toothpaste that has no less than 1350 ppm of fluoride (1550 ppm is better!). Fluoride rebuilds weakened tooth enamel, slow down the loss of minerals from tooth enamel, reverse early signs of tooth decay, and prevent the growth of harmful oral bacteria.

Tongue scraperstongue scrapers are the perfect extra for your oral hygiene routine. They mainly help to improve breath, as studies show scraping is more effective than brushing at removing odour-causing bacteria. It may even help with improving taste, as removing build-up from the surface of your tongue will open up its pores and better expose your taste buds.

Mouthwashthere are lots of mouthwashes on the market but make sure you use one that is alcohol-free. You shouldn’t use mouthwash instead of brushing and flossing but as an additional tool to protect your teeth.

Interdental brushes – these great little brushes are good for giving your teeth a thorough clean. Use them between teeth to get prevent plaque build-up and rid teeth of any food that’s got stuck. Mini brushes come in a variety of sizes and types.