5 Reasons Why People Aren’t Visiting The Dentist

25 October 2019 12:33

Not many people would say visiting the dentist is their favourite thing, but it’s still important to attend dental check-ups anyway. Recent statistics show that 1 in 4 Brits actually cancel their dental appointments!

Holford Partners Curaden is a London-based dental practice whose reputation for high standards and personal attention to detail has seen them voted by The Parliamentary Review 2019 as the Best Practice and Dentistry Sector Leader. Here, they reveal 5 reasons why British people aren’t visiting the dentist.

  1. The price – sure, dental work can sometimes get pricey, but it’s all a good investment when it comes to caring for your teeth. If people avoid their appointments, it’s more likely that it will cost more in the long run to fix the damage build up, so it’s better to keep on top of it!
  2. Fear of the dentist – this is a common issue, as most people associate the dentist with a negative atmosphere and a bad experience.
  3. Lack of priority – most people just don’t see attending a check up appointment as being the top of their priority list! Most would consider it a nuisance to break away from their busy schedule.
  4. People believe they are doing fine themselves – most people believe that if they are brushing twice a day and flossing, and if their teeth look fine, that is adequate and they don’t need to attend a check up appointment.
  5. People avoid orthodontic work – some individuals, particularly the younger generation, may think braces are ‘uncool’ or look silly, and want to avoid having the work done at all costs. Orthodontic work is also a lengthy process, which means a lot of people will not be prepared to undertake it.

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