25 October 2017 18:48

Just when you think you know something, you have to look at in another way. Even though it may seem silly or wrong, you must try.” (a quote from the movie, Dead Poets Society)

At the beginning of September Andy Hawkesford and Christian Guenin were invited by implant manufacturer, Sweden and Martina, to visit their factory in Northern Italy.

Andy and Christian spent 3 days in Venice and Verona attending lectures regarding and hands on workshops using a new and innovative implant design as well as being able to watch live surgical placements in a local surgery.

They were also able to gain hands on experience using a new tool to assist with manipulation of bone to expand and condense poor quality sites when preparing for a dental implant. Andy was one of the first UK practitioners to be able to purchase this ‘magnetic mallet‘, also known as a minimally invasive wonder tool. They also managed to visit some of the tourist attractions!

Did you know that there are more than 40 different types of dental implants available today? Some of the most common tooth replacements used to restore a beautiful smile are:

● Single tooth replacements: One missing tooth is replaced by one implant with its single crown.
 Multiple tooth replacements: Multiple teeth can be replaced with multipole implants or with a bridgework. To replace a full arch it usually requires 4-8 implants. We often use combinations of fixed and removable bridgework.
 Over-dentures: Two or more standard implants are placed to provide a stable foundation for the dentures. Whereas most traditional full dentures press directly on the gum and bone causing bone loss by resorption, implant supported over-dentures protect the bone. For patients who lost all their teeth this option is the recommended solution. To replace a full jaw of teeth, 10 or more crowns are needed with a fixed bridgework.
Your dentist will help you to choose the right type of implant and tooth replacement. Could your smile be perfected with a dental implant? Why not book a consult