Our new state of the art clinic on New Bond Street is only a four minute walk from our previous Cavendish Square practice. It offers a relaxed environment of care and comfort – the wellbeing of our patients is our first priority.

Holford Partners is the oldest dental practice in London with a dedicated team of dental practitioners and specialists. Our dental practice is founded on a true British heritage and influenced by Swiss quality.

We are open every Monday–Friday: 8am–6pm. Please call 020 7499 9806.



Holford Partners is the longest established private dental practice in London and the United Kingdom. Founded in the 1860’s and continued by three generations of Holfords we have remained leaders in the dental field due to our empathy, high standards, commitment to excellence and personal attention to detail.

Having moved to new state of the art premises of Curaden Clinic in New Bond Street, today Holford Partners Curaden are a team of twelve leading dental practitioners and specialists, supported by four experienced hygienists and a wealth of highly qualified auxiliary staff.

The dental clinic offers a relaxed environment of care and comfort, surrounded by everything that modern medicine and dentistry entails we offer cutting edge, state of the art dentistry supported by decades of knowledge and experience.

Our reputation over time and high standards continue to make us one of the most successful and sought after practices in London.


Cavendish Square Harley Street London



We believe that all types of dentistry be it general or cosmetic must have a good foundation. Oral and gum health is very important to the longevity of the teeth and is the focus of the practice’s fully qualified hygienists.

We share the latest best-practice
in oral self-care skills, professionally imparted to our patients.


Our dental clinicians and specialists ensure that you benefit from high-quality treatment options provided by an experienced team of caring professionals in a modern, state-of the art clinic.

We are a team of general dental practitioners and specialists who provide a broad range of comprehensive cosmetic, restorative and surgical dental services.


Using crowns, veneers, implants and a plethora of other techniques Holford Partners Curaden can create that beautiful smile for you.

Our trusted partner, Curaprox
continue to develop dental care products that are truly revolutionary, effective and widely accepted for their quality.




Our motto is Prevention First

However, if something does happen, the best treatment you can get is at our fingertips. Holford Partners Curaden is a pioneering practice based in London’s Mayfair offering a full range of innovative dentistry and dental care services that include: Prevention Care, Dental Hygiene, General Dentistry, Periodontics, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Dental Prosthetics and Orthodontics.

We also offer a special dental services for children of all ages, including orthodontics, as well as solutions to conditions that affect your quality of life such as migraines and snoring.

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  • We are dedicated to prevention, not just remedial dentistry
  • We give you the tools and advice you need to prevent tooth decay and promote oral health
  • We offer a full range of dental treatments from dental hygiene to orthodontics, provided with the highest quality of professional care
  • We use and supply the market leading products to keep your teeth strong throughout your life
  • We provide you with the convenience of in-clinic and online options for purchasing our oral health products
  • Our skilled and highly experienced team are able to offer you the latest dental know-how and advice