What are they?

Bridges are replacement teeth that are fixed to the natural teeth on either side of a gap. They are usually made of a combination of metal and porcelain. Sometimes a bridge is combined with a crown at either end and it can be fixed to two teeth or just one, depending on the location of the gap and the condition of the surrounding teeth.


How are they fitted?

A dental technician will make an exact model of your upper and lower jaws to assess how you bite. The teeth that hold the bridge will need to be prepared and you may receive temporary crowns while the dentist prepares the bridge. During your next visit the bridge will be fitted and you will receive instructions on how best to keep it clean.


What are the benefits?

  • The bridge can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth
  • It lasts for many years if properly cleaned
  • Biting is very natural
  • It protects the natural teeth from wear and tear

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