What is it?

Good dental care during child’s formative years sets in motion not only the corner stone of a prevention strategy, but good dental care habits for life. Oral health has an impact and is important for general physical wellbeing later in life.

Our practitioners and specialists can advise parents and offer the most age-appropriate treatment and dental care, from baby’s first tooth at around 6 months, to brushing techniques for under 3’s, those between 3 and 6 years and young adults.

Our calm and relaxed environment and years of experience, help us to work with the patient to avoid anxiety about visiting the dentist or any treatment that may become necessary.

Toddler with tootbrush


What does it involve?

A child should visit the dentist before their first birthday. Regular visits to a dental clinic will help your child get used to the surroundings and what happens, from seeing a hygienist to identifying potential problems and providing the most appropriate and least invasive treatment based on the age of the child.

Regular appointments for cleaning and monitoring oral health with potential treatments including soft tissue treatment, fissure sealants, cavity repair, braces and orthodontics to align ‘bad bites’, sports guards and mouth guards to help them stay active and safe, wisdom tooth extraction and dealing with oral piercings.


What are the benefits?

  • Prevention at the core of oral health from an early age.
  • Good habits make for good oral health.
  • A child viewing routinely visiting the dentist as normal and not something to be feared or avoided.

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Offered by:

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Dr. Andy Hawkesford
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