What are they?

Fillings are used to repair a tooth that is partly damaged, either by decay or through an accident. Composite is a white material and therefore often a good alternative to silver or gold, particularly for the front teeth. It is less durable than gold under the wear and tear of the back teeth but it is sticky and can form a new edge on a chipped front tooth.


How are they applied?

The area around your tooth may be numbed although this is not always needed. Any decay and old filling material will be removed and your tooth will be washed, dried and treated with an acid that roughens up its surface and helps the filling material stick. The composite material is then pushed into the cavity, shaped and dried using a bright light.


What are the benefits?

  • Can be used to repair chipped edges on front teeth
  • Can be matched to the colour of your teeth and hide discolourations
  • It requires less preparation than gold fillings

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HP composite filling

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