First impressions are important whether it is business or pleasure and a beautiful smile radiates confidence. There is no need to feel impaired or embarrassed because your smiles are not always what you would like them to be.

We employ state of the art technology to offer a complete array of cosmetic dentistry to our patients who want to improve the appearance of their teeth. If your teeth have spaces between them, are broken or chipped, have unsightly fillings, are stained or crooked, cosmetic dentistry can correct the problem and often results in a new feeling of confidence.

So if you are less than happy with your smile contact the practice now and we will give you something to smile about.


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Veneers can be applied onto the front of a tooth if it has been damaged or it is badly discoloured to make it look better. They consist of a thin layer of tooth-coloured material, usually porcelain

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Teeth naturally vary in colour. They can also become darker with age or if their roots have been damaged and the nerve has ‘died’. Tooth Whitening is a safe way to lighten teeth that have become discoloured.

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Porcelain inlays are a stronger alternative to fillings if your teeth have been damaged. They are custom made to fit inside a hole in your tooth and can be made to match its natural colour.

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Retainers and fixed or removable braces are a long-term solution to crooked teeth or an uneven bite that improve your appearance and helps prevent tooth decay and jaw pain.

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Facial Aesthetics

We can treat gummy smiles, grinding and bruxism, and the reduction of overdeveloped jaw muscles.

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An artificial crown can be made to substitute the natural crown of a tooth – the part that is visible in the mouth. This is done to improve the appearance of your teeth or if a tooth is broken, heavily filled or weakened.

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