What are they?

Crowns are made of porcelain, metals and ceramics and substitute the natural crown of a tooth – the part that is visible in the mouth. This is done if a tooth is broken, heavily filled or weakened or to improve the appearance of discoloured and crooked teeth.


How is it done?

Your dentist will shape the tooth to fit the crown over it and then make a mould to determine the exact shape of the crown and how it fits next to the other teeth. While the crown is being made a temporary crown will be put in place. Once the crown is fitted your dentist may make small adjustments before fixing it.


What are the benefits?

  • Crowns are strong and can look and feel exactly like your natural teeth
  • They can improve your appearance
  • They usually last for many years provided you look after you mouth

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Offered by:

Dr. Hywel Evans
Dr. Christian Guenin
Dr. Andy Hawkesford
Dr Stella Kourkouta
Dr Shihab S Hussein