What is it?


Anti-wrinkle injections and Fillers are the UK’s most popular
cosmetic treatment for the removal of wrinkles and enhancing
your facial appearance.

We can also use these treatments to treat gummy smiles,
grinding and bruxism, and the reduction of overdeveloped
jaw muscles.


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 “Dr Stella Kourkouta has given me the best results I’ve ever had from anti-wrinkle injections. Previously I have had to have fillers in between my eyebrows but Dr Kourkouta has reduced the creasing by using minimal botox treatment.”

“Dr Kourkouta treated my unsightly forehead wrinkles and gave me a brow lift, very happy with the natural looking results, very subtle!”

Jaw and chin before treatment

Eyebrows before treatment

After treatment

Eyebrows after treatment

Offered by:

Dr Stella Kourkouta