Baby with Rattle


2 September 2016 15:25
Many new mothers have asked the Curaden Dental Clinic, “Do babies need to visit the dentist”?  We discussed the matter with Dr. Kamila Iwanski, one of our highly experienced dentists. She is dedicated to ethical and clinical standards, but perhaps her greatest strength is her kind and empathetic approach, which is probably why she particularly enjoys working with children and anxious patients of all ages.

Dr Iwanski was able to answer some of the most common questions asked by Mothers within the London area.

When should you schedule your baby’s first dental appointment?

We would recommend between 6-12 months, as soon as the first tooth erupts.

Can babies get tooth decay?

Infant tooth caries (cavities) is often referred to as “baby bottle tooth decay”.  This is the result of exposure to liquids which contain sugar, such as breastmilk, milk, formulas and fruit juice.

Are Sippy cups good for your baby?

It’s common for mothers to use a Sippy cup to help a child transition from bottle to a cup.  If a baby continues to use a Sippy cup until after its first birthday, fill the cups with water to reduce prolonged periods of exposure to sugary liquids.  This will reduce cavity causing bacteria in the child’s mouth.

When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

Around the time your baby’s first tooth erupts, you should begin to gently brush or clean your baby’s teeth.  Children’s teeth and gums are particularly sensitive and while they are teething, they can experience discomfort and teething pains.  A CURAbaby teething ring can assist with teething discomfort and promotes babies’ curiosity in dental hygiene.  The massaging and gentle brushing actions prepares infants for the toothbrush

Beginning dental care early is important for your child’s health and in keeping teeth healthy for a lifetime. The Curaden Dental Clinic has moved from solely offering traditional dental treatments – such as simply pulling teeth and filling holes – to a modern, preventive care approach. If you wish to talk to someone from our clinic about this new approach of dentistry feel free to contact us through Facebook or contact us directly via email.