What is it?

Inlays are used instead of fillings to replace parts of a damaged or decayed tooth. They are made outside the mouth and placed inside the hole or on top of the tooth (onlays). Gold inlays are mostly used for the back teeth because they are strong and resistant to chewing and less aesthetically pleasing than the alternative white (composite or porcelain) fillings.


What does it involve?

You may be given a local anaesthetic so your dentist can remove the decayed parts of the tooth and any old filling material. He will then make a mould of your teeth which a technician will use to make the inlay. While your inlay is being made you may get a temporary filling. On your next visit the custom-made inlay will be cemented in place in or on your tooth.


What are the benefits?

  • Gold inlays are strong and last longer than fillings
  • Particularly suitable for the back teeth
  • You can chew confidently and pain-free

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