Toddler brushing teeth


1 October 2016 15:21
You should start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as their first teeth start to come through.  When an infant starts eating solid food or even just formula, sugar is left on the teeth which will need to be removed to prevent cavities from forming.
There are many ways that you can clean the first teeth that erupt and it will depend on the child how comfortable they are with a toothbrush.  To begin with you may want to use your finger and a tiny piece of fluoride tooth paste and gently rub the teeth and gums.  The important thing is to help your baby get used to the daily routine of cleaning their teeth.  This stage can begin before the teeth erupt by using CURAbaby which soothes teething pains and promotes a baby’s curiosity for dental hygiene.
Tip: You can help by setting a good example and let them see you brushing your own teeth as part of a daily routine.

Here are four simple steps to cleaning your baby’s teeth:

1. Sit your baby on your knee with their head resting against your chest.
2. Use a very small smear of fluoride toothpaste on damp gauze or a small toothbrush like the Curaprox CK4260, which has an extra narrow brush head and soft plastic covering to prevent any injuries to the oral mucosa.
3. Gently start brushing the teeth with small circular motions.  Be sure to cover all surfaces.
4. If your child does not like having their teeth brushed, turn it into a game. Don’t let them turn it into a battle.
Tip: Rinsing your mouth out with water has proven to reduce the benefit of fluoride.
A mother will have to assist a child with brushing their teeth until they are around 7 or 8 years old.