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Increasing patient safety: Introducing our brand new DentAir purification system!

12 November 2020 13:27

Holford Partners have gone above and beyond to ensure patient and staff safety during this COVID-19 outbreak. As part of this, we have made a significant investment in a DentAir purification system, which has been designed specifically with dentists in mind!

UK Government guidelines recommend that dental surgeries should perform a minimum of six air changes per hour, to protect patients from air contaminated by harmful pathogens such as coronaviruses.

This DentAir purification system uses 5 stages of filtration to perform an exceptional 15 air changes an hour – killing 99.99% of pathogens as well as cleansing the air within our practice of particles large and small, dental odours, and organic compounds.

This is just one part of our current hygiene and safety protocol within the practice. To find out more, please review our guidelines for booking and safety measures.



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