What is it?

In addition to your normal tooth brush you can use interdental brushes to remove pieces of food and plaque between your teeth. Plaque is a soft sticky substance made of bacteria that feed on sugar from food and drink and can make your gums sore and infected. If you are at risk of gum disease your dentist may recommend interdental brushing.


How does it work?

The interdental brushes have mini bristled heads designed to clean hard-to-reach spaces. You will need to find the right size brush for the different spaces between your teeth. We can help you with this and recommend the best frequency for you. You can then use the interdental brushes at home. Gently insert the brush between two teeth (there should be no resistance) and pull it back out. Make sure you don’t miss any spaces.


Where can I get the right brush?

Interdental brushes are sold in most pharmacies. You can also have a look at our product range and purchase a good brand of brushes from the online shop.



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How to use an interdental brush

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