What does it have to do with teeth?

Migraines can be triggered by problems with the jaws. If the muscular forces on the teeth (called occlusion) are unbalanced, this can lead to night time grinding of the teeth sometimes lasting for 3 to 4 hours per night. Because this is subconscious it can mean that much more muscular force is being used which can result in severe temporal headaches. That is sometimes referred to as tempomorandibular joint disorder (TMD) after the name of the joint that connects the upper and the lower jaws, just in front of your ears.


Why should I see a dentist?

A biteguard that you wear at night may help relieve the symptoms. In some instances the problem is caused by your teeth or dentures not meeting properly when you bite. In this case your dentist may need to adjust the position of your teeth using implants or make you a new denture.


What symptoms should I look out for?

  • Pain in the neck, face and chewing muscles
  • Ear pain, possibly with ringing noises
  • Headaches or migraines in the morning

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