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COVID-19: We remain open! Face-to-face dentist appointments still available during lockdown

28 December 2020 12:00

COVID-19 Update: The dental clinic is open and taking appointments

With additional hygiene and safety protocols in place, face-to-face dentist appointments can be arranged in line with Government Guidance.

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Contact us for enquiries and appointment…

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Increasing patient safety: Introducing our brand new DentAir purification system!

12 November 2020 13:27

Holford Partners have gone above and beyond to ensure patient and staff safety during this COVID-19 outbreak. As part of this, we have made a significant investment in a DentAir purification system, which has been designed specifically with dentists in mind!

UK Government guidelines recommend…

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yellow cake

A delicious delight for our hardworking clinicians

9 November 2020 16:38

After a hard week at Holford Curaden Clinic, Dr Stella enjoys winding down by baking amazing cakes.

As well as dentistry, Stella has many years of cake decorating under her belt, and the lockdown has presented the great opportunity to further excel her skills.

Of course, our…

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5 Products Dental Professionals Swear By

21 August 2020 13:08

Flick on any TV channel and you’ll often see a dental product ad touting ‘9/10 dentists recommend us!’, but is that true?

What are actual dentists in London including in their oral hygiene routines?

Here we share some insider tips from those in the know – their real-life…

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5 common concerns dental professionals hear the most

14 August 2020 13:44

Dental concerns aren’t all about toothache. Your teeth and overall oral health can affect your physical wellbeing.

When problems occur, they can affect everything from your mood to your sleep.

There are some common concerns we hear day in and day out.

Here we share 5 common concerns…

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hygiene habits

4 reasons it’s not too late to change your oral hygiene habits

6 August 2020 14:03

Whether you’ve never had a perfect dental regime or have let things slip in recent years, it’s never too late to start investing in some good habits.

Good dental hygiene is crucial for your overall health, not just oral health, so start today and watch your body repay you.

Here we…

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5 easy ways to protect your tooth enamel

6 August 2020 14:03

Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your body, but that’s not to say it’s invincible! When enamel erodes, your teeth are more likely to develop cavities and decay.

Plus, your teeth will be more sensitive, and you’ll be more vulnerable to infections – so it’s worth…

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5 reasons you should always be comfortable with your dental practice

6 August 2020 14:03

Going to the dentist has the reputation of being a daunting experience, but it shouldn’t be.

Your dentist is a professional who should help you feel at ease before, during, and after your appointment.

Get a great dentist and you’ll be able to maintain great dental health and a winning…

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future dentistry

5 predictions of what dentistry will look like in 2030

6 August 2020 14:02

Advances in dental technology mean that the industry is likely to take quite a dramatic turn in the next ten years, all to the benefit of the patients and practices.

These predictions are exactly that, but they’re based on ongoing trends and forecasts for the years to come. It’s not just…

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Dr Hanna Reinartz

Welcome Dr Hanna

1 April 2020 13:40

Holford Curaden Dental Clinic welcomes Dr Hanna Reinartz and her team at Art Align Orthodontics who have now joined us.

Dr Hanna is a registered Specialist Orthodontist who has trained at leading schools in the United Kingdom and Germany, which include The Rheinische…

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